This is why we

…can’t take claims of “racism” seriously.

Nothing to do with race, all socio-economic variables.

This thread could have been titled stupidest thing you’ll read this month. If black people want the marriage tax break they can get married and mortgage interest break if they buy a house.

I thought I used that already.

90% Bluster.

10% easily refuted claims.

  • So is it unfair if 2 people in a family each make 25K or one makes 50K and is taxed as though each made 25K? Before the Marriage penalty was repealed it was more like taxed as though one made 35K and the other 15K.

  • Mortgage interest is different. The purpose was to encourage Home Ownership. Possibly they could make a percentage of rent deductible. However with the trump tax cuts, I now take the Standard Deduction whereas, I use to list deductions. I like simplicity.

Unfortunately low IQ lefties will read the headline and assume it’s true and factual.