This is why the Federal government is obsolete

This comes as no surprise to me, I have dealt with this.

When I worked with addicts we had a kid that was schizophrenic that we sent to Full Employment Council for job placement. They stated that he was unemployable. Soi we helped him apply for SSDI, and were told that he didn’t qualify.

Wouldn’t be hard to just switch to SOC codes. They’re regularly updated.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Federal Government, one hand can’t speak to another.

Frankly I find the story a little bit hard to reconcile with reality. Most of you have probably done this, but if you have not, give it a try some morning!

Go down to your friendly local Socialist Security office and have a seat in the lobby. There will probably be 40 or more other people sitting there, a good number of which are NOT obviously over 65.

That means that most of them are there working on getting SSDI! So don’t tell me nobody can get it because millions do. I don’t know how this poor guy who obviously cannot hold a job would have slipped thru the cracks.

Yet it is real.

The fact that they are there means they have not been granted SSDI.

The “cracks” could have a bulldozer driven through them.