This is why Canada has cheaper health care

Just kill people if they cost too much.

Cant tell if serious.

This kind of thing is incredibly rare in canada, slightly more common in western europe. Vice or some news show had a story on a lady who was euthanized for nothing more than she was very depressed. It was against the wishes of her adult kids but ultimately was her chice. She had a live in person funeral, was so odd.

I would not have bought it if it wasn’t an AP article.

I have no issues with this. I believe a person has the right to decide their own path. Obviously, we want safeguards to make sure they’re not having a bad day but people should be able to choose when and how they check out.

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There are US states that allow physician assisted suicide. Oregon was the first, though there are safeguards. The questions here are whether the laws in place were followed.

The article linked has no bearing on cost of canadas health care system

It might, but the article does not make it clear. In the U.S., it has been estimated that 13-25% of Medicare patient costs occur in the last year of life (different numbers from different studies). If a chunk of those costs are not spent because the patient chooses to die, that could be considered savings.

We should find ways to encourage people to choose quality of life over quantity. Some people keep hoping for some miracle there is no reason to believe will be coming and torture their loved ones with unnecessary procedures. We shouldn’t push early death, but we shouldn’t encourage so much artificial prolonging of life that has little quality.

I know, but this is a huge money saver, not saying that is the reason, but it my be an unintended consequence.

Thanks for explaining it better than me.

We shouldn’t push anything. We should let each person decide their own course.

Yes, we shouldn’t push people, but we should let people know their options. I don’t want people nudged toward early death, but there’s a tendency to prolong things unnecessarily.

My wife had a terminal illness. I had six years to prepare myself and knew that I cared more for the quality of her life than the quantity. When she wouldn’t eat, I let them prescribe an appetite stimulant, but no feeding tube. We had talked about such things and I wouldn’t do a feeding tube unless there was a chance of meaningful recovery.

It should have always been her choice. It isn’t about what you want but what the other person would want.

My family knows my wishes when it comes to EOL care. It is well documented and I have had many meaningful conversations about the topic. I do not want anyone making decisions for me but I want them to follow my wishes.

My dad took extreme measures to extend every minute of his life and that is something I don’t want to do. That is something that horrifies me as a person. Quality is important to me rather than quantity. THere is a certain point where you are delaying what will happen in my opinion for no benefit. Some people thought feel it is their obligation to suffer and that a miracle cure may happen in the next 5 minutes

Why I stress, that people need to have these tough conversations with people to be prepared. I would not want to be in a coma for 6 years. There are many things I don’t want because I think it adds little value.

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It was her choice, but I had POA. She was no longer able to articulate her choices. We had talked, in general terms at least, about what we’d want.

True, but physically this guy was fine and somewhat young. Parrot took an interesting story but used it to grind a political axe against universal care.

That is accurate.
But, take politics out of it, and it is mathematically true.

Thats fine as long as you dont go back to the death panels thing the republicans were pushing 10 years ago. Canada has assissted suicide because its a progressive society, not to save money on health care.

The Democrats literally had an ad about “pushing grandma off a cliff”.
Don’t get all high and mighty thinking your side is without fault.

My side? This is your thread saying the reason canada can afford health care is because theyre euthanizing people.

Yes, you said "

I am simply pointing out that your side did it too.