This is the problem

We are over quarantining.

If you do the math, one area is quarantining 18 people per positive.

The data is clear that we need to cut back on the quarantines, but we keep quarantining healthy people.

If we had the saliva test, we could skip the quarantine. Just have the kids test themselves before school

Skip quarantining people because they have no symptoms and it will just spread faster. Hospitals in several states are already overwhelmed.

Regular testing for those that are deemed “close contacts”, there is no need to quarantine the idiotic amount that we are.

Except they’d still be spreading it after infection while presymptomatic.

There is no evidence of that.
We are taking idiotic steps and ignoring the correct ones.
This is why the public has no faith.
People keep saying “we change policy when the science changes”, but that is bullshit.
Very few people who are making policy are paying any attention to the data, which is supposed to drive the science.
I literally posted a quote from a New York Times article against boosters because it may cause people to quit masking.

That’s where vaccine mandates could come into play

Maryland just issued a mandate for all healthcare and nursing home workers

Of course there’s evidence of that. We’ve known for well over a year that presymptomatic and asymptomatic people can spread it. Remember when the governor of GA (I think that’s the right state) was ridiculed because he acted like he was just learning it?

At a minimal rate.
We don’t need to lock down everyone that has contact with a positive case. It has shown to be worthless.

If it was happening at a minimal rate, the virus wouldn’t be spreading as quickly as it has for nearly two years. It isn’t just symptomatic people spreading it around.

If it was spreading at the rate you think it is we would have all had it twice by now.