This is really the first test

Will the GOP make reasonable demands?

Will Biden make reasonable concessions?

They are crying wolf again about all the chaos that reaching the debt limit will cause. We have heard this BS before. Joe will dust off Obama’s playbook and lock up the national parks and put a fence up around the national memorial so the news can run stories about how the big bad republican’s ruined their vacation. Then the IRS will intentionally delay returns or freeze returns so they can blame the big bad republicans. Then the recession that we are barreling towards will get blamed on the big bad republicans.

It’s $31T and counting. When this happened under Obama we were less than $20T. They still haven’t pissed away the trillions under the inflation reduction act. We are going to look back and say, I remember the good old days under Obama where the debt was only $20T.

We all know the republicans are going to cave. They have no fucking spine plus the reality is the ones in the DC want to spend spend spend just as much as the other side.

Oh, no doubt.
The question I have is will they get anything in return?

You’re getting you Hunter Biden investigations, what the hell more do you want?

Ever heard me mention that?
The only investigation I want is the one to impeach Mayorkis.

As I recall from prior years, the federal coffers swelled through April as tax payments were made. I think there was even a month or two with a surplus, then the feds started doing what iambass described.

I think the story I linked to said the “extraordinary measures” could last until about June until we would actually notice.

Nope…but it was the first order of business for the GOP. And they were pretty vocal about investigating Biden even before the document deal. And they are true to their word…the investigation has begun. Maybe we need a fourth branch of government that was tasked with investigations because aside from renaming post offices and streets, investigations seem to take up the bulk of the time in Congress (Republican OR Democrat)

We have a president taking grifts. You don’t think that should be investigated? You were all worried about trump and someone sleeping at his house. Yet, don’t care that Biden is selling his office.

The GOP won’t be the one to take him down, its happening now from within his own circle.

He went to St Croix for the holidays to discuss another run with his family. Probably going to make an announcement soon after. The inner circle leaked it then we get a discovery of classified docs that have been gone for six years. The timing is suspect in the least.

Those that had no problem with investigating Trump should also be calling for investigating Biden unless they’re sucking his balls.

Wrong as usual KC.

My first thought was that piece reads like an op-ed from MSNBC. There is not even an author cited.

I Googled the title and found that it is an op-ed from liberal writer Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post.

The Buffalo News was really sloppy.

I agree, but that doesn’t change the fact the house Republicans first order of business was not Hunter Biden as KC said.

A day after I floated my explanation, Mark Arum on the radio mused about the same thing. The radical left Dem power brokers have decided the Chief Racketeer is not capable of winning a fair campaign with debates and no Twitter collusion, and want him taken out, since the dolt is too senile to recognize his own decline.

What we are witnessing is elder abuse.

And the right continues to delude itself into thinking that Biden only won thru cheating. He didn’t. As good as his policies may have been, the fact is that a lot of Americans preferred an adult who acted like a president to hold that office. Trumps shitshow got old. That’s why he lost. And maybe the democrats DID orchestrate this - Trump isn’t going to win…and he, like Biden, is too old anyways. So…put another candidate out there.

No, Biden won via massive censorship and collusion in social media. you expect us to believe 90% of the Google searches on President Trump turned up negative stories, and that was unplanned?

Geez, you are deluded. Trump did himself no favors with his braggadocio, it is true.

We are living in an era where not much news can be trusted. Our news is highly manipulated.