This is not the Bee

Bernie’s mittens are a symbol of white privelage.

I shit you not!!

I wanted to read the original, but paywall. There’s always someone willing to overstate a case. Hard to know what kind of point they were trying to make.

Do this. Open the link, then immediately hit Ctrl-P. If you do it fast enough, it will capture the full article before the paywall notice appears. Then, save it as a pdf. That worked for me here.

Storing that one away in the mental rolodex!

That’s a new method for me too. Will try.

wmj - Since Control P is also the print command for windows does that mean it would be Command P for a macbook since Command P is the print command for a macbook?

I just brought it up. That’s a Yahoo News page and I don’t think there is a paywall. Just click the Story Continues button and the rest of the story should come up.

Did it again, no issues.

MCarley was talking about the link to the San Francisco Chronicle article. That is embedded in the Yahoo article, and I hit a paywall when I clicked on that.

OK, reading the original and trying to see from the writer’s POV, it is at least slightly more coherent than the Yahoo portrayal.

But, I don’t think she gets the Bernie memes or why people think they’re funny. I’m not exactly sure how she’s reading it because she didn’t articulate it well. I’ve seen people sharing them from across the political spectrum, including conservatives who are far from Bernie’s politics as you can imagine. It’s just people having fun.

Is Bernie privileged? Well, yeah. He’s a somewhat wealthy white male. He knows that, heck, he talks about it. But she didn’t even go into how the way he’s dressed supposedly show his privilege. I have to wonder if she somehow thinks those are expensive clothes. Living in CA, maybe she doesn’t get that people in cold weather states have to dress like that, rich or poor.

Or, maybe she’s just clueless. Not even clear what she’s trying to say.

I think this is the answer

I don’t have a Mac, so I am going on what you described. Based on what you said, that is what you would do.

And, this will not always work. Some sites are smart enough to have the paywall come up right away without a lag. With those this trick won’t work.

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