This is how bad the Denver Broncos are

They got Patrick Mahomes flexed out of the Sunday Night prime time slot.

This is all over the radio here.

The Broncos will try to see if they can make things work with Wilson next year. If they can not, I wonder if they would cut him and go through a king-sized salary cap purgatory to get a reset quicker. It would be painful, but it is not as if they would do any better keeping Wilson longer.

The Bills made a similar decision for the 2018 season and came out much better much quicker. The burden on the Broncos would be a lot larger, even adjusted for the increase in the salary cap.

Yeah, they have to figure out how much Wilson is the problem. They gave him the big contract before the season even started, which now appears to be a huge mistake. But the OL is horrible and the coaching hire seems to be another mistake too, not to mention injuries. So, it’s hard to know how much is Wilson.

The funny thing about flexing them out is even before Wilson, the Broncos had been losing to KC, but most of the games had been close. And most of this year’s games have been painful to watch, but close until they lost by 13 this week to a bad team. The defense is still playing well, at least until the horrible offense completely tires them out by the 4th quarter.

The Broncos probably haven’t been this bad since the late 60s when they had a season where they wore vertical stripes on their socks and their biggest claim to fame was starting the first black quarterback in NFL history – Marlon Briscoe I think was his name. With the offensive line he had in front of him, he might felt more secure at a KKK rally when facing teams like KC and the Raiders. I was stationed in C. Springs for a number of years and became a regularly disappointed fan.

It’s almost like, no matter how well the defense plays, the offense decides to score just a little bit less. 10-9 today.

Has any team ever ended the season with the best defense and worst offense?

Along those lines.
How bad is the AFC West that basically KC’s rivals have become the Bills and Bengals?

I don’t know what the exact statistics were, but this reminds me of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the late 1970s when John McKay was their head coach.

I seem to remember a year when the Chargers actually ended the year with the best offense and defense and still missed the playoffs.
I could be wrong, I may try for look it up.

The 2010 Chargers

That article sounds like the story of the Chargers for the past twenty years.

They have a tendency to lose games in the last minutes. I was present at one of those (Saints).

I couldn’t remember the year, but I remembered the sports radio around here taking about how much that fit Chargers in general and mainly Phillip Rivers.

I just remember the AFC playoff game following the 2006 season. The Chargers were up very late in the game and Tom Brady threw an interception on fourth down. Of course the defender could have either just knocked the pass down or fallen down, which would have virtually clinched it for the Chargers. Instead he kept going and fumbled the ball, and of course the Patriots recovered, got a new set of downs, and ended up winning the game. That play alone encapsulated what the Chargers have been about these years.

Edit: It was not the AFC Championship Game. I fixed it.

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the AFC West could send all four teams to the playoffs. Don’t look to me for predictions.

Looks like Hackett had the answers!

The Broncos should just fire Hackett now and put him out of his misery.

So much hope at the beginning of the season.

Just saw a stat: if they’d only scored 18 points each game, they’d be 9-2 instead of 3-8.