This is chemistry

You Tube offered this video to me this morning. Years ago, I saw the documentary “Alive Inside”, which explored music’s impact on Alzheimer’s patients. They say that music memory is the last thing to go, and in many cases can “bring them back”, if only for a brief period. I can’t believe that Tony Bennett is 95 here. And I have a newfound respect (love even) for Lady Gaga

I was pretty ambivalent about Lady Gaga.
Knew she was super talented but not my type of music.
Then I saw “A Star is Born” and am a huge fan of hers (still don’t listen to her music much, but a fan)

I checked in on one of the Alzheimer’s caregiver groups the other day. Half the page was people sharing stories about Bennett. There was one in the AARP magazine recently too.

I know it might be difficult for you to watch, but if you haven’t seen Alive Inside, I highly recommend it. It was amazing to see the impact of music on these peoples lives

I’ve seen Tony Bennett at least five or six times, cool guy.

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