This is a good idea for student loan reform, but aimed wrong

This isn’t actually a bad idea from Warren and Sanders.

But here is the problem, from the article;

“To further ensure institutions are held accountable, we support the reinstatement and strengthening of the forthcoming proposed gainful employment rule to ensure career education programs at for-profit and non-degree institutions”

Why only aim it at “for profit” and “non-degree institutions”?
Make it applicable to Public University’s also. Keep people from taking out $150,000 in loans for a degree in “social justice”, or “medieval women’s studies”, or any of those other degrees that won’t amount to any gainful empoloyment.

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The gainful employment rules weren’t just aimed at for profit institutions. Those are the ones that caused the biggest problems because some of them came up with crap programs and slick marketing to get students to take out big loans to complete programs that led nowhere. But all colleges had the rule. From my end, it was a pain in the ass, but a necessary evil. I worked on some of the reporting on it.

However, it was focused on CTE programs, not other degrees.

I am just going by the article.
And I know that almost every public university my kids have looked at is willing to offer several worthless degrees at the same cost per hour as math, science, and language arts classes.