There goes the Perfect Bracket

Up two points with nine seconds to play, the 13-seed Furman Paladins executed a perfect trap play on #4 Seed Virginia Cavaliers guard Kiehi Clark to win the game on a late 3-pointer.

Here’s another one:

Talk about a Bracket buster!

#1 Purdue just lost to #16 FDCU

That was an excellent game.

The Cinderellas play today
13 Furman- 5 San Diego St… 12:10PM
15 Princeton - 7 Missouri 6:10PM
16 FDU - 9 Florida Atlantic Tomorrow 7:45 PM

Did anyone have to look up these Cinderella schools?
I knew Furman… been there… just up I 85 in Greenville SC
Several Kids from my kids HS class went to Furman.

But FDU… probably a Florida school… wrong New Jersey!!!
Does Fudrucker’s have an NCAA team? :grinning:

and Florida Atlantic - Boca Raton FL

I don’t follow b ball but I had never heard of FDU. Looks like an abbreviation for profanity.

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“Oh yeah buddy, FDU and the horse you rode in on.”

It does sound like a profanity, I’m going to start using it and see if it catches on.

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Good morning. This newsletter is dedicated to the state of New Jersey, because last night Fairleigh Dickinson became only the second 16-seed ever to beat a No. 1 seed in the men’s NCAA tournament, improbably knocking off Purdue. Meanwhile, No. 15 Princeton defeated No. 2 Arizona on Thursday, and Jersey City-based Saint Peter’s was last year’s Cinderella story.

After the first round, there are 0 remaining perfect brackets among the 20+ million in the major online games. Suppose that’s what 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 odds look like in practice.

In this area, it seems every other house has a KU Jayhawk flag on it. On our bike ride this morning, the flags are still out, but one person hung theirs upside down