The Winner is the IRS

The winner is the IRS and the Loser could be the Winner.

So if you have the only winning ticket, are you not going to claim it out of protest? I think if I ended up with half a billion dollars, I’d call myself a lot of things, but loser isn’t one of them.

As the old saying goes…


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Why don’t they advertise the number of tickets sold for each drawing?

A couple married coworkers bitch endlessly about the taxes they pay, they make about 500k a year. I told them I’m not buying it…fix the problem by taking worse paying jobs or STFU.

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What’s worse… paying taxes on an income or not having an income to pay taxes on?

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From things I have read here and on the CH board, paying taxes is the bad thing. Indeed, I read of stories of people who turned down a raise because it pushed them into a higher tax bracket. But if I was making $89k and I got a raise to 100k, should I be happy that I got an $11,000 pay raise, or should I turn it down because it will cost me an additional $2600 in taxes. But some people seem to be averse to making more because they have to pay more. I kind of figure that when all is said and done and I end up taking home an additional $8400 a year, it would be a good thing. But I have to chuckle about the people turning down overtime becaue it would push them into a higher tax bracket. Might make since if they were paying 22% on their income and now they have to pay 24%, but the deal is, you only pay the higher rate on the amount that is over the cap for the previous rate.

Write it down… I agree 100% with you on this KC.

We pay a considerable amount of taxes with our household income… I don’t mind paying its how it is spent is the issue.

I can’t imagine not caring about how my taxpayer dollars are spent…but thats exactly what the government wants us to be…sheep.

Couldn’t agree more. I have always said that if people felt that the government spent their money wisely, then they would happily pay taxes.

Yup. I work with a couple of dopes that aren’t in the 401k (free money) that buy lotto tickets every week and will spend $50 more a week when the prize gets high enough. One guy did win $1,000 a couple years ago, but probably spent 20 times that much over the years.

Usually the people that whine the most about taxes are those that pay the least and believe those that pay the most should pay more. If anyone thinks taxes are too low they are free to pay more, same with tax cuts. Nobody is forced to take a tax cut, they can pay the higher old rate.

My ex brother-in-law is a pretty high income earner. He likes to say “I am blessed to have this problem”. I tend to agree. They could easily eliminate that problem by taking a low paying job.

This has been my experience as well. The people paying ZERO complain about the amount the 1% pay.