The USC soap opera continues; USC athletic director Mike Bohn resigns after criticisms over management

This is comical. I wonder what the USC fans who were planning their championship parades will say to this. For a supposedly top-tier university with a top-tier athletic department, USC athletics has been a clown show for a while.

And, the piling on begins. This is a column by Bill Plaschke, who can be predicted to jump in immediately at a time like this with an column like this:

And, this column appeared in The Athletic. Sadly, it has a paywall, but these two snippets are great:

Bohn is out, with university president Carol Folt announcing Friday she has accepted his resignation “effective today.” Of course, when someone leaves a job of their own volition, they do so immediately and announce it on a Friday afternoon.

Folt mentioned that in preparation for moving to the Big Ten, USC “conducted a thorough review of the athletics department, including its operations, culture, and strategy.” That’s a totally normal thing to do when somebody’s job is safe.

Non athletic question.
My son is a National Merit Finalist, and has a full ride to one of the best engineering schools on the country.
But he didn’t even get accepted into USC.
Are they that good academically?

I am the wrong person to ask about USC academics. I have heard they are a good school, but aside from that I know as much as you do. Just being honest.

However, my daughter is a junior now and will be going through the college application process next year. May I pick your brain on your experiences then? I have a feeling you will be a great resource of information.

My son’s buddy with impressive scores got into MIT and Stanford but was wait listed to the U of I Champaign. He got in to U of I but MIT and Stanford are better schools.

100%, but to be fair, I just listen to what my wife says, she is the real genius at it.