The Top 10 American Restaurants That Are No Longer With Us

Funny I have never heard of any of these, much less eaten at any of them.

I’m not sure why Demon Dogs is on this 2021 list, they closed 20 years ago. I lived a few blocks from them back in the 1990’s.

Never heard of them either. Until I moved to Maryland, I would have thought Roy Rogers was on the list. I was surprised they were still in business as they left Massachusetts in 1989. I was a young lad

Pretty silly article, given that many of these were local to an area and only known to the people who lived in that area. Chasen’s is the only one I’ve heard of, likely due to seeing it in a movie or TV program.

Remember Ameche/Ginos… Baltimore Colts Greats!

The Ameche Powerhouse was the inspiration for the Big Mac.
Also Ameche’s had the best Onion rings ever.

Then there was Ginos. The Gino Giant was a copy of the Powerhouse. There was a Ginos across from the Computer center… OK for a quick “Dinner” till one day they told me they had discontinued the Giant. Several months later the Giant was back to much fanfare but the damage was done.

It was similar to New Coke… replace the old with new.
Folks did not like the new.
Coke did a better job recovering.

Sorry that was before my time. I had coworkers that worked at Ginos though

In all my Business Travel, 2 Restaurants are most memorable.

  • The Traildust Steak House in Dallas… remember the sliding Board. On Vacation took the family to the one in Denver. Do not wear a tie.

  • Schuler’s Restaurant and Pub in Marshall, Michigan, produced this horseradish-cheese spread until 1984. Now Win Schuler’s Bar Cheese is a national brand and available in many stores in the Midwest. (The Cheese spread was excellent and different… brought some home to the family)

The restaurants still exists in Marshall, now run by Hans Schuler’s (Win’s son) former assistant. We had a family get together there 10-12 years ago. Hans sold the Bar Cheese product to Campbell’s after Win died.

After I posted, I looked up Marshall MI. I know we did not travel that far.

I was staying at the ROUND Holiday Inn in Southfield.
Schulers must have had another location 20 minutes at most,

I don’t recall the dates, but there were 5-6 other Schuler’s restaurants around Michigan. All but the Marshall location were closed within a few years after Win died. At one time, there was one in West Bloomfield. Maybe that was where you went.

You remember Howard Johnson’s? Growing up in Mass, there were quite a few of them. Think they were mostly located in the Northeast.

That looks about right.

Google is Amazing… I googled : Round Hotel in Southfield MI
came right up… now a Best Western.

I still miss “Dog and Suds”. Of the ones on the list, the only one I’m really familiar with is Maid Rite which was the real go-to place in my HS years for after football land basketball game dining. I wasn’t that sold on their loose beef burger/sloppy joe, but their breaded, dinner plate diameter, port tenderloins were to kill for… and with their greasy goodness probably would have been killers for sure in later years. Great, crispy fries, too. Sandwich and fries and soda for less than a buck if memory serves me. Put a another nickel in the jukebox and enjoy. :slight_smile:

I wonder how that California restauranteur is doing, who was shut down by the county/state — ya know, for public health concerns — while a movie company was allowed to set up a picnic area for 50+ people not even 30 ft away.

I wonder if she’s out of business thanks to the small business hating piece of shit asshole Democrats.

The Post House is the only restaurant on that list that I am familiar with

Yes Howard Johnson was both a restaurant and hotel chain. I wasn’t too crazy about it

There’s a Dog and Suds in Grey’s Lake Illinois that’s still open, they still have the original sign and the Texas Burger. Also you you can still get Root Beer in a frosty mug.

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Oh no, they were all over the South. Was it 31 flavors of ice cream they had?

Baskin Robbins had 31 flavors - Howard Johnson’s had 28 flavors. Ice cream was a big part of my childhood :grinning: