The sun is racist
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Last summer my local NPR station had a show about how global warming effects black neighborhoods worse than white neighborhoods in Chicago even though they are a quarter mile apart. The scary thing is low IQ lefties believe crap like that.

The sun isn’t racist, but there can be differential effects of anything, depending on circumstance.

BTW, if the sun is racist, it’s against white people. Skin cancer is going to get us with the warming. I guess I better hope my kid marries a woman of color.

I was going to make a similar comment. I have very light skin so I burn quite easily. Fortunately, my father was ahead of his time and warned me of the dangers of spending too much time in the sun back in the early sixties.

For those who are wondering, we who live in the west are getting cooked right now. In Canada, seven of the highest ten temps ever were recorded in the last three days.

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The west is scorching but we haven’t really gotten summer in GA until recently, like today. I’ve been running at 4pm in June, that usually would not happen. This morning I ran 6 miles and it sucked as it’s supposed to in June, muggy and hot.

We just ended a run of 10-12 days with temps in the 90s and occasional 100s, 8-9 degrees above normal. At least the humidity stayed in the teens because it hadn’t rained in 6-7 weeks. Last couple of days, temps are in the 70s and there is actually some light precipitation. Just in time, as our drought resistant plants were losing their resistance.

I’ve been in San Antonio for several weeks. We are getting all of you people’s rain & moderate temps.

So thanks I guess

“[Fill in the blank with any phenomenon] disproportionately adversely affects women and minorities.”

Repeat ad nauseam and insert in textbooks until it becomes universal “truth.”

How so, since it is the UV light that breaks down collagen, not the heat?

Is the sun’s irradiance inreasing? I haven’t read that.

Hmm…perhaps there is a hope for us yet.

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