The smart Gruden

Have to agree with this take.

That is easy for somebody to say when he is not the one who stands to lose business and revenue over the name. That is the only reason Snyder changed the name.

The name is the least of Daniel Snyders problems with revenue and business.

Yet that is the only reason he changed the name.

Nobody said he made any good decisions regarding the football team.

The point being, his sponsors hinted at him losing revenue. It is easy to criticize a decision when you aren’t the one who will be affected financially.

I think they are going with the Washington Woke.

How much revenue has he lost in merchandise by not having a name the last two years?

Less than he would have lost from his sponsors had he kept the name.

Remember when Snyder said that the team would NEVER change the name and that they could write it in caps. He did not suddenly have a change of heart and go woke. You know that absolutely had to kill him to change the name after saying that.

He also didn’t feel any pressure from the NFL at all. The only reason he changed the name was for financial reasons, and he obviously determined that keeping it would cost him a lot more than changing it.

I agree with you, and to be fair, Snyder made his money in marketing, so this type of thing is his forte.
But he alienated most of his fans by doing it, not that he really gave a crap about his fans.

I get that it’s a massive decision, with lots of research involved, but why the fuck should it take two years?

You would think they would have had a fairly good idea prior to getting rid of Redskins.

He alienated his fan base long before he changed the name. Like I have said earlier, that stadium is now either at least half-empty or taken over by the visiting teams fans, and that was happening long before 2020.

I was in Virginia in 2013 for three and one-half months during the football season. It was fun listening to the sports talk shows there at the time.

Edit: For another example of how Snyder alienated his fan base, he started charging fans to watch team practices. Compare that to Jack Kent Cooke, who said that he would never charge PSLs for team season ticket holders because, and I am going on memory here, they are the best damn fans you will find anywhere and he couldn’t do that to them.

When you said you were not going to change the name at all and then suddenly have to change it when your sponsors turn on you, you don’t have much time to prepare.

I said earlier that I actually agree with Snyder for taking this much time. The name change will be significant and stay with the team for a long time, so it is better to take time to get it right.

I totally get that, but honestly, one year should have been enough.