The right place at the right time

I visited with my daughter yesterday and she told me about one of the patients she had that week. It was a 17 year old boy who was at soccer practice. He collapsed to the ground and basically died. This is where fate comes in to play…The goalie, whose father is a paramedic and who wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps saw it and immediately ran to him. There was no pulse. He knew CPR and started chest compressions. The trainer on the sidelines saw what he was doing and had an AED (second part of fate) and ran out there with it. They shocked him once and got his heart started. They took him to Children’s Mercy Hospital and found that the kid…17 years old…had a 99% blockage in a main artery. They couldn’t do the surgery there, so he was sent to my daughters hospital. The grandparents left a wonderful message on facebook, thanking the nursing staff for the care that they gave their grandson. The doctor told the granddad that the goalie saved his grandson’s life. I think that goalie will be on their Christmas card list for the rest of his life.

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Awesome story!!

I have something similar, a 36 year old co-worker suffered a massive heart attack at dinner. Within 90 seconds trained EMTs were administering CPR, he came to after the fourth attempt. They told him later that if they weren’t eating next door, he almost certainly would have died.

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