The people you meet

Are different than they are on the boards. Had a beer and some appetizers with Weenut yesterday. Super nice guy…and get this…we even briefly talked politics.

I will say that if there is a pretty waitress, he’ll be telling a LOT of jokes. I’m not complaining…she was pretty darn cute.

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You go anywhere good?

just had a beer at Coaches near the hotel. He’s done his homework about this area. He said they had Slapps BBQ very few out of towners would look for this place.

Good call!!!

Never heard of them.

Right across the state line in KCK

And KC hit on her on his way out. I had her laughing the whole time. KC and I got along just fine. We also had Italian at Garozzo’s Today we went to a hole in the wall family chinese call Lucky Wok. it was very good. Slap’s was great.

Is lucky wok off metscalf? That sounds like a place I use to go with my Taiwanese buddy

3536 SW Market St lee’s Summit in a little strip near a Walmart. Very tasty and fresh. Reminded me of NY family chinese joints

it’s on Central avenue just after the (closed) bridge. Wee is doing a great job of finding what the locals do and not the touristy stuff. You’d definitely need to use your GPS to get there. It’s one of our cycling destinations

Are you implying Weenut is not a nice guy on the boards?

He seems really polite to me.