The next step in the evolution of smart phone addiction

Standing at the urinal after you’ve finished peeing, dick in hand, staring at your phone.

At the airport today, and stood there waiting for a spot to open, and realized this was at play.

Holy shit.

I know we’re well past the time when anyone pretends not to use their phone while sitting on the crapper. Ten years ago mentioning that was a funny joke due to the taboo nature, but not anymore.

But can people not leave it in their pocket for even 30 seconds at the urinal?

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Ridiculous, but as long as I don’t have to touch his phone.

The one that’s still bugging me is there seems to be a substantial subset of people who think it’s now OK to talk on the phone or watch YouTube videos while sitting at a restaurant. They don’t give a shit about the impact on others.

And in public restroom stalls as well. I frequently hear video noise pollution, and not always at a quiet volume.

Freaking obnoxious.