The New Tipping Etiquette: How Much to Tip in Every Situation, from Salons to Restaurants to Drivers and Delivery

Thankfully the Wal-Mart greeters are not on this list - yet.

During the pandemic, we tipped, even for carry out orders. NOw that seems to have become expected. I have a real problem with ordering online, driving to the restaurant to pick of the dinner, and walking inside to get it handed to me in a bag. But there is now a “how much do you want to tip” box, with 10, 15 and 20%, along with a custom amount. Now the concern is - they know you didn’t tip up front…would someone be tempted to add a little something to the food?

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I said before that I think there is a general lot less shame these days than before, which is one reason people don’t think twice about putting out a tip jar just about anywhere - save, for now at least, at the front of Wal-Mart.

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A number of years ago I went to a spa resort for a weekend with a friend that did not allow tipping. Even when I tried to give a tip that employee would tell me that they are not allowed to accept tips. The reason why they would not allow tips is because they felt a spa was a place to go for relaxing and that if their guests had to think about tipping it would adversely affect their experience.


Never tip when I call in an order and go pick it up. Never understood the point.

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What gets me, is the drive throughs put a tip jar by the window.

Dearie me.

These people are already overpaid and I refuse to subsidize their hedonistic lifestyles.

A great topic to bet everyone to agree.
About once a year we all agree that tipping is idiotic.

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Tipping is idiotic. If someone has a good service, charge more for the service.

I believe the maximum tip for great service should be 10% if you’re at least making minimum wage. Otherwise if the prices go up, the wage increase caused an increase in tip from customers who didn’t adjust for the lack of a tip credit

The problem with tipping is Friday night we went out for dinner and our bill was a little over $170 so I rounded up to $210, the couple we were with probably had a bill for over $200, the total tip for our table was close to $100. Saturday morning we went to our favorite local diner and the bill was $23 so I rounded up to $30, the diner waitress worked a lot harder and had more tables than the waitress Friday night.

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