The Most Shotting News of the Day…

There are many studies coming out that contradict other studies.

I haven’t had my coffee yet and maybe I am misreading it. It is saying people who have the vaccine are less likely to be hospitalized than those who had a prior infection.

If so that contradicts the Israeli study that says natural infections produce stronger and more antibodies. Historically my expectation is the vaccine would produce a high level of antibodies but not as many types of antibodies. It would provide a high level of protection because it was focusing on the spike.

I have to say it is frustrating the studies are all over the place.

Either way, each study has said getting the vaccine is the best way to avoid having a serious impact from covid

This link addresses the seeming conflict with the Israeli study in the “Conclusions” section. I agree, that there are no clearcut answers to this question at this point, but I think the CDC data are pretty solid and comprehensive.

I think the one takeaway from all studies it get vaccinated. Not a single study has said don’t get vaccinated unless you fall into certain health groups.

Yet people are using the Israeli study to say, see I don’t need vaccination which isn’t what the study says at all.

I have had both. I had a very bad case of covid during the lockdown in April 2020 and am now fully vaccinated with a covid booster shot. So I would like to think that I am well protected from covid in spite of the fact that there have been 21 flights during the past two months that landed at the White Plains/Westchester Airport, which is very close to where I live, that were filled with unvaccinated illegal aliens that the federal government secretly relocated to our area after these unvaccinated illegal aliens illegally crossed the border from Mexico to Texas.

That seems wise. We sheltered, masked, distanced, etc., during the height and pre=vaccine, and avoided any trace of infection. We got all available vaccinations when available, plus the boosters Perhaps infection and survival might provide one more level of protection, but at our ages, that’s a route we chose to avoid, BTW we still mask in indoor public places.

WAtch out for landscappers then…those Mezzicans are gonna get you.

My landscapers are white Americans.

Then Biden wants them vaxxed, unlike the the illegals he’s letting in the country.