The IOC is effing crazy

I the new “inclusive” suggestions for trans athletes the IOC has gone to la la land.

From the article;

“The IOC’s new framework, as a result, discourages sports federations from using sex testing or genital inspections in eligibility determinations. The framework states that “athletes should never be pressured … to undergo medically unnecessary procedures or treatment to meet eligibility criteria.””

You literally can’t do anything to determine bio gender?

From the release, embedded in the link;

No athlete should be precluded from competing or excluded from competition on the exclusive ground of an unverified, allege or perceived unfair competitive advantage due to their sex variations, physical appearance and/or transgender status.

This is literally ant-science.

If that’s going to be their approach, then there should be no men’s or women’s events - just events that anyone can compete in if they qualify athletically.


Can’t disagree with that.

Yep, lefties need to make up their minds, do they want equal or people given special consideration because they can’t compete on a level playing field. Not just in sports but hiring, college admissions, government contracts, etc.

Curious how many sports where women could compete with men. Gymnastics I suppose.


If you wrestle against a woman, do you have to keep your hands clear of certain areas?

Doesn’t seem fair.

Do you have to wear pants ?

I thought hormone test were still valid. I didn’t read the article.

While it isn’t perfect, you can be pretty accurate testing hormones.

Which seems more likely? The entire sports world, across the planet, including countries that are far more gender conservative than the US, is controlled by a bunch of woke lefties hellbent on destroying women’s sports.

Or, the science of gender is more complicated than you thought?

Therefore, have no gender divisions in sports.

Makes perfect sense.

The science of gender is not compatible with most sports combining bio men and bio women.

IT’s not. Biologically, there are males and females (with the occasional hermaphrodite). But someone who “identifies” as the other sex is doing so with their mind. Biologically, they are still male and female. Now, if a female identifies as a male, and takes testosterone injections, will “he” be allowed to compete, since no males are permitted to take them?

Exactly. That was the intent of my post. If gender is fluid enough for an individual to select a gender that is different than their biology, then why still have gender specific events? Just have one best human in a event event. Along those same lines, I also wonder why there are still male and female Oscars, Grammys, etc.

Please…no…next thing you know there will be best transgender male actor…best transgender female actor…and my fave…best cisgender actor -male and best cisgender actor - female.

correct. It should be sex-based.

I still do karate. My instructor is a little guy. He always like to point out he would have a hard time fighting me and most likely wouldn’t win. I am just a much larger and stronger person.

That is why competitions are based on sex and weight.