The Goose is gone

I always like this guy.

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Damn, being a former nfl lineman is bad for your health apparently.

Most of them that are able to stay healthy drop at least 100 lbs after retirement.
There is no cause of death made public yet.

When i first saw this, i thought Anthony Edwards.

For me, it was Goose Gossage.

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My feelings are different, due to this one play:

Video unavailable.

In the grand scheme of things, that is not that dirty of a play.

It tells you to go to youtube

We can agree to disagree. I thought that play was dirty when I saw it and have not changed my mind since.

It was dirty, not saying it wasn’t.
Just saying that it was one of those plays that happens all the time.

Go to YouTube and enter… SIRAGUSA HURTS GANNON. You will see the play.

I found it. Dirty play, but i have seen worse.