The fountain of youth is filled with ... coffee?

It seems like they come out with a new report that coffee is good or bad your your health every year. I’ve been drinking a couple cups a day every day for over 35 years and doubt I’ll quit anytime soon regardless of what “they” say. I also doubt someone who never drinks coffee will start for the health benefits.

I started drinkingng coffee only 10 years ago but i feel about coffee like republicans feel about guns. If you want my coffee youll need to pry it from my cold dead fingers.

It seems to me that the balance of the evidence from serious sources has shown coffee to be a beneficial substance for heart health and perhaps other issues as well. Dark chocolate has also received positive reviews. My cardiologist used to caution me about the evils of coffee for about the first 1/2 dozen years I visited him. For the last 8 or ten years, he’s remained virtually silent on the matter. I’m too polite to tell him “I told you so”, he’s a pretty good guy. BTW, I followed his advice on most matters, but never bought his cautions on caffeine.