The end of an era...are happy days here again?

this is one of those instances where whoever takes over literally can’t do any worse.

Darn. There goes of my favorite forms of entertainment: reading The Washington Post sports page during football season.

They never would have had to sell if they changed their team to this.

Thanks to the 1491s for the cleverness.

Here is a good article showing how Snyder single-handedly drove that franchise into the ground. The only thing he was not responsible for was the location of FedEx Field.

From passion to pariah

How Washington fell out of love with its NFL team — and came to despise its owner.

Snyder even did this, which I had not heard before:

The Redskins banned fans from parking off-site and walking to the stadium, nudging fans to pay for the team’s lots.

I lived in Dallas in the 70’s and 80’s and they had “Cowboy Flyers” - busses that would leave from several places around town…when one bus filled, another was brought in…even if there were only 2 or 3 riders - The Cowboys loved that - even though they were missing out on parking revenues - the number of people buying overpriced Pepsi’s (no alcohol in Texas Stadium - and Pepsi was an official sponsor) more than made up for lost parking revenue. I went to pretty much every home game from 1976 thru 1985 and never once drove there.