The Brooklyn Nets rolled the dice with Kyrie Irving. This is what they got

Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics could have warned others about how reliable Irving is. The Nets rolled the dice and signed him and are now going through their own experience.

At the same time, Irving will not be getting paid during this time, at least for the games in New York (I am not sure of the others.) He is giving up a good chunk of change for his “principled stance.”

Nike will likely drop Irving too. Of course he’s rich, but he is leaving a ton of cash on the table over ‘principles’.

The worst thing about this is that the Nets were one of the leading contenders to win it all this year. Irving is letting his teammates down big-time by sitting out to make a point.

Of course, he can always decide later this year to get vaccinated and come back. Still, that will not change how he is leaving his teammates to play without him for now.

And Irving gets support for his stance against the fascist NBA:

Never mind that is is the New York City regulations that are preventing Irving from playing home games there and that the Nets have decided they are not going to have Irving playing only part-time.