The Bee

The Babylon Bee’s twitter account has been suspended for posting a factually accurate statement.

LOl. .do what?


Wait, Twitter is really suspending their Twitter account for posting obvious satire? Good on Babylon Bee for telling Twitter to suck it, they jumped the shark!

All of their content creators are blasting out alternative sites on their personal accounts.
This is how twitter is going to embolden their competitiion.

I don’t want to see even satire get canceled. There should be no limits to satire and comedy.

Not commmenting on this specific instance, but in general satire and comedy can go too far. As an example, I am sure I could think of some satire involving Hitler or the Nazis that would make you reconsider your statement.

I may not watch it but it doesn’t mean I think it should be stopped.

I wont reconsider my statement, im pretty solid on this opinion. A comedian can tell jokes about nazis and plane crashes and each of us can decide if its funny or not.

We can all decide if something is off limits but it should be our individual choice. I dont want censors telling me what im allowed to laugh at. On the hand, twitter is a private company and they can ban what they want.

It’s a man. It’s a man. It’s a man.

It can wear a dress all it wants. It’s still a man.

Nonetheless, Babylon Bee will fold eventually.

Big Tech has a near-monopoly on the virtual marketplace of communication and networking. It is where all the economies of scale align, because most consumers just go to their platforms mindlessly.

I’m almost never in favor of regulation or government intervention in situations like this, and so far that is still the case here. With that said, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some right wing-flavor commie collectivist forced inclusion laws the next time Republicans have enough power to enact some. And I wouldn’t be too burned up about it, given the monopolistic situation these tech firms enjoy.

As the great philosopher Austin Powers once said ‘That’s a man, BABY!’

Google search “Ron White, Mamie Eisenhower story”.

Actually, this gets fixed with less regulation.
Repeal Section 230 and it is fixed.

And immediately, most social media ceases to exist.

No, just the politics on it.

And the world would be a better place.

I don’t mind social media as as “social” place.
But when it is used for politics it is asinine.

I hate all the “influencers”. All that crap is toxic.

It’s why I can’t talk to the younger generation. Our values are radically different.

It’s not politics. If every social media site was liable for every single comment made on the site, they’d never have developed in the first place.

Amen brother. I go on Facebook a few times a month and avoid anything political, as do most of my Facebook friends.