The Bears leaving Chicago

Lori Lightfoot Lost AGAIN as the Chicago Bears Deny Her Proposal and Opt to Abandon Crlme Ridden City for New Stadium - Pet12h

The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington Texas

Any chance the Bears should play in a border Indiana town similar to the Patriots in Foxborough MA which is closer to Providence RI than Boston MA

The Atlanta Braves did the same thing…the city chose to invest in the Falcons in lieu of the Braves and so they called their bluff. Its such a better experience when you don’t have to look over your shoulder on the way back to your car. The resulting Truist Park and Battery make for an awesome game day experience.

Doubtful, they already have a location in the northwest suburbs that is perfect. Arlington Racetrack, it’s right off an expressway, has a train station close and the property is huge, they plan on making it an entertainment complex.

YEs and the battery is also a nice place to visit even when no games. Gwinnett county screwed up when they got the farm team. They didn’t hold the developers to their word and we didn’t get a place like that.
Taxpayers on the Hook for Gwinnett, Ga. Baseball Stadium (
They are now going to redo the Gwinnett place mall and we will see what comes of it.

Gwinnett Place Mall redevelopment expected to take years to complete | News |

I’m not holding my breath

I’m confused…is this supposed to be earth shattering? The New York Giants and Jets play in New Jersey, I moved to Dallas in 1973 and the Cowboys played in Irving Texas, then moved to Arlington Texas. The Rams play in Inglewood, CA.

It is to the mayor of Chicago, she’s offering a $2 billion package to keep the Bears in the city.

I think the main story is that Lightfoot is dumb enough to still believe a taxpayer funded stadium is a good investment.

Personally I’m against all welfare including corporate, but if I’m not paying for it I care less. In Chicago it has everything to do with unions and politics, everyone connected to the machine will make money and the taxpayers will foot the bill.

I am waiting to see how much FIFA is going to try to extort from Kansas City for the 2026 World Cup.

Didn’t St Louis and Missouri pay for a nice stadium for the Rams?

Nobody ever said the political leaders of St. Louis were very bright.

I am retired TWA/American. When TWA still existed the stadium was the TWA Dome!

Then American came along and ruined everything. American didn’t have any interest in sponsoring the dome so then it was the Edward Jones Dome. I have no idea what it’s called now. And of course the Rams left!

A waste of real estate.

Not exactly. They broke ground on the stadium on the assumption that St Louis was a lock to get an expansion franchise in 1995, even though no commitment had been made. Then, when St Louis did not get an expansion franchise, they made a sweetheart deal with the Rams.

For practical purposes, Inglewood is Los Angeles. While it is a separate city, it is adjacent to the City of Los Angeles proper and, like many cities in Los Angeles County, blends in with the others with no discernible boundary. It is definitely not a suburb in the conventional sense.

When the Cowboys played in Irving, you had no idea that you ever left Dallas when you went there. In my neighborhood, other than an increase in the number of potholes, you don’t have any real discernable boundary for a different STATE. The Rams don’t play in LA. This new area is 15 miles from O"hare airport, so I wouldn’t consider it leaving the city.

It is in the football world. The Bears have played in Soldier Field for 51 years, and in Chicago proper for 101 years.

Yep. HOw many other NFL teams have a 51 year old stadium?