The absurd of the absurd

I am not a Notre Dame fan by any means.
But reality is they are a premier program both on the field and historically.

Why the hell would you leave to go to LSU?

Kelly wants to win a championship, not likely at ND.

Notre Dame had maybe 3 tough games this year, that will change next year with LSU.

Notre Dame is also a very high pressure job. Kelly may have decided it was time for a change of scenery.

LSU fired Ed O a year and a half after winning a Natty.
Not much higher pressure than that.

Orgeron also imploded on his own.

Edit: Here is one story on the subject:

Also, recall that many years ago Lou Holtz resigned as Notre Dame’s head coach and later coached at South Carolina. That was not a step up, but it was a lot less stress.

True, not as bad as Art Briles, but not good.