The 50 Best Steak Houses

I have only been to three of these steakhouses - Old Homestead, Gallagher’s, and Sparks

Two in KC, I will have to try them.

Side note, I just recently learned that Ruth’s Chris Steak House was originally Chris Steakhouse until a woman named Ruth bought it.

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I’ve been to none of them. Last steakhouses I’ve been to are the Caucus Club and London Chop House in Detroit, 22+ years ago. Neither made the list. Now if you want to know where to get a good green chile cheeseburger I might be able to help (but you will have to travel).

Just went there a couple weeks ago. Great service, ambiance and good food. The steaks are decent, but I can make them just good at home.

It isn’t on this list, but I loved the original Morton’s Steakhouse in Chicago a few decades ago. However, when it became a chain I felt that its quality had slipped substantially.

Yep, it really went downhill. I like Gibson’s steakhouse, there are several in the Chicago area and a local place that gets great reviews. A place we’d go to as kids for special occasions is still exactly the same as it was in the 1970’s, the food is decent but we go there just for the memories.

Bears54 - Did you ever go to the Chicago Chop house? I went there quite a few times when our daughter lived in Chicago and it was very good at that time. However, that was a few decades ago so I don’t know what it is like now.

I don’t think so, when I lived in Chicago in my 20’s (1990-97) I’d go to neighborhood places, we thought steak houses were for old (and rich) people. Not a steak house but Charlie Trotters was THE restaurant in Chicago back then, I only ate there a few times but it was incredible.

I’ve been to 5 (Rosewood, Oak, Kevin Rathbun, Berns, Peter Lugar)

Peter Lugar is not as good as it used to be. Rathbun has another steak house in Sandy Springs called Kaisers Chophouse that is just as good as the one downtown.

Im surprised at a couple not on the list:

  • Charleys (Tampa, better than Berns)
  • Bones (Atlanta)
  • Mannys (Minneapolis)

I almost never order a steak when we go out to eat.
My wife is a master at making a steak so I always get something that we wouldn’t make at home.

A Costco prime ribeye or filet on a Weber kettle using the reverse sear cold grate method will give you the perfect steak everytime.

I would be willing to bet that the steaks I do in my backyard are better and a helluva lot cheaper than any of these places

In 2004 we went to Ditka’s Steak House in Chicago with our daughter and son-in-law. At the time it was very good and I saw Mike Ditka sitting at the bar while we were there. However, I have no idea of what it is like now.

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