The 30 Worst Head Coaches in NFL History

Guess who made number one.

Edit: I am surprised that Les Steckel did not make the list. He coached the Minnesota Vikings for one season in 1984. He ran them like Paris Island Marine Corps basic training and pissed off just about every player while going 3-13.

I think Bill Callahan should be on that list, although he did go to a SuperBowl (with Gruden’s team) so I understand why he isn’t.
He is probably the best O-line coach in the NFL for decades but that is his ceiling.

Another one who should be on the list is Mike Singletary. He may have been a great linebacker for the Bears, but he was a lousy coach for the 49ers. He is the one who dropped his pants in front of his players to make a point.

I was a bit surprised no former Buffalo Bills coaches made this list. They had their share of lousy hires. Kay Stephenson from 1983 - 1985 might qualify. Ditto for Greg Williams from 2001 - 2003.

OH, I forgot about Mike Singletary. I always thought he would be a good coach, for a long time he was the token Rooney Rule interview.
and Greg Williams was a train wreck, I did not know (until now) he is from the KC area.

I am sure @JimToo will recognize some of the coaches on this list.

Another one who could qualify: Jeff Fisher. Admittedly I base that on watching his one year coaching the Rams in Los Angeles.

As a Titans fan I will say Fisher was slightly above average.
He was a half yard away from a SuperBowl trophy, although most of his success can be attributed to Steve McNair.

How do the Ryans (all three of them) not make the list? OK, maybe one was never a head coach.

Also, remind me never to click on another article from that site. Clickbait with the sole purpose to get you to accidentally click on the ads.

Buddy Ryan was a decent coach with the Eagles. He was also a horse’s ass, which is why he ended up getting fired there after taking the Eagles to the playoffs for three straight seasons. I was in Philadelphia for his first three years there.

Rob Ryan was never a head coach.

Rex was not a good HC. Being a horse’s ass runs in the fam.

I first thought it was going to be a list of Lions’ coaches over the last 50 years, but some were at least mediocre. I am not surprised with the 3 on the list, as that covers the Lions’ dismal 2000s. I am surprised they did not include Darryl Rogers, who never coached in the NFL before or after the Lions. From 85-88, he was 18-40. Why they thought a mediocre college coach could do it was is beyond me, but he was probably cheap to hire.

I also think they made that list before Matt Patricia was fired. Otherwise, he also would have been a good candidate.

You could probably make a list of just former Belichek assistants.

McDaniels is on it. I was so pissed when he literally hired the same video guy that got Belicheck in trouble. And, he drove away a decent QB with his arrogance. (Might have been good riddance, but it was still at least partly McD’s fault).

So was Crennell

Charlie Weiss would no doubt be on it too if he had coached in the NFL.

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By that standard, so would I, most likely.

Charlie Weiss bombed as head coach at Notre Dame and Kansas. He is a former Patriot assistant who has a track record as a head coach, just not in the NFL.

I think Weiss holds the record for most money made for not coaching