Love it.

I am not a hard right winger on abortion, despite what many probably think based on my recent devil’s advocate arguments.

Honestly I don’t give a flying fuck what states do with their policies. That’s why we have states…50 of them to be precise. 50 different choices.

I understand 9 months of pregnancy plus labor is a Yuge burden, and I understand the lady’s health often morally justifies termination (IMO, that is…always debatable).

But I also understand that the “clump of cells” growing & developing inside the womb is not some inert, sterile blob of unimportant matter.

If we value human life enough to outlaw murder, then an unborn baby deserves similar consideration. Less so in early pregnancy…more so later. It is not black & white, it is a sliding scale/spectrum.

No I do agree it’s a spectrum and there is a point where we need to stop an abortion that isn’t medically necessary. I think the viable standard is fair.

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I think reasonable people can agree

I think states should decide what is permissible along that spectrum within their borders. I don’t think a state can prevent one of its citizens from going to a state that is more permissive

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