Testing, 1, 2, 3, 4…

The site is officially listed as “beta” at this point but seems to work well. I registered today and it seems to be doing its thing. Won’t know for a couple of weeks I guess. Be the first in your neighborhood.

Sent our request this a.m. Not sure what we’ll do with them, but we’ll have them.

We actually ordered some from CVS last week.

FYI, does anyone know if the Fed will reimburse for the purchase of them?

I ordered 4 for my house. 4 tests in my house was very inadequate. Now that everyone has had covid in the last month, I see no need to test for a while. Since the home tests have come on the market, my house has gone through at least 14 boxes or 28 tests. My wife wants to test before going to work since the kids now have it but I told her, if her employer wants her to test then they should be buying the tests. She just had it about 3 weeks ago and is double vaxxed. I see no reason to test.

These tests might not even work on the next variant. My god if that happens, it will be a a massive political fuckup. These tests needed to be rolled out before thanksgiving. By the time they actually get delivered, omicron will have completely blown through. This administration is so reactive and not proactive. This is why the virus rages on. This is why they are now chasing that “transitory inflation”.

Well that got all the expected kudos for the feds anticipated. The only surprise is that Henrius or tzr didn’t suggest that the tests might implant liberal leanings in one’s mind or plant a control chip in your nose or throat. :innocent:

I considered making a tin foil hat comment that this is really how the government plans to collect all our DNA.

The only purpose for testing is to show your employer that you tested positive to stay home or negative to go back to work. If you have the symptoms you probably have it, if you get worse go to the ER. Oh, you also might need to show a negative test to goto a restaurant, concert or sporting event in a democrat held strong hold.

The feds have been batting around .200 when it comes to getting it right on Covid.

Yes! Please stand in for Taz.

I ordered 4.

This would’ve been helpful a year ago. The cat is out of the bag at this point but maybe it’ll still help. Truth is we’re all gonna get omicron and that’s probably fine.

No that’s you lefties.

I agree. Booster or no booster. It will not matter. What we need to do is shut down for 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Oil prices are going to the moon and we need a good way to bring that back down. Stay home and stay safe!