Tesla fsd is supposed to be entering general beta.

I have yet to get the option to install. If anyone wants to see a video let me know.

I have a friendly debate with mcarley about this. I didn’t expect true fsd for 10+ years. I think I may have said in my lifetime.

Mcarley felt it would be sooner.

Now the Tesla is not true fsd but I prefer that system to others. Others have to do extensive mapping to work. Tesla users computer vision.

I may have to eat crow if this work even half as close to fsd

Honestly, IDK how long it will be. I think they’re likely already better than humans in most driving situations, but confidence will lag performance by quite a bit. Not sure what it will take to put it over the edge.

I’m supposed to get mine in 1-3 weeks and tomorrow makes one week. On the order site, it still hasn’t completed the valuation of my trade-in, but that’s it. They offered good loan rates, but I can get 1.79% from my credit union. I can’t get a quote on the insurance from Tesla until they have the VIN ready. I already have a guestimate from my current insurance company to compare with.

My understanding is the Tesla branded insurance is much cheaper. Aaa was the cheapest for me and it’s still really expensive.

Make sure they know it’s a Tesla. Many banks didn’t want to finance a Tesla for some reason.

Get the charger installed in advance.

Credit union knows it’s a Tesla. Charger is installed. That was easier and cheaper than I expected.

IDK how old yours is, but I would guess if there was anti-Tesla bias, some of it might have dissipated by now with them getting some issues fixed. The stock may still be overvalued, but it doesn’t look like the company is going away anytime soon.

It’s a year old. Literally. My premium connectivity just expired.

How much you end up paying for the charger? Mine was 1500 but they did a impressive install

I think it’s only about $300.

Must have not had to run power very far from the main breaker. Cost of heavy duty wiring for the 50A is probably about $3-$4 per foot for copper.

Mine was about 1500. I can’t remember if that was 1k electrical or 1500. I’ll have to look.

They did a fair amount of work and it’s permitted.

I am glad I live in a place where no permits are needed. No government agency telling me what I can and cannot do.

St. Louis also had high labor cost. I have no idea why but it’s expensive to get things done here.

I am not “cheap”. I don’t mind paying a fair price but I often do the work myself because I won’t get ripped off.

I think prices have also come down since you got yours. The breaker panel is just on the other side of the garage wall, so it was easy, but even if I had wanted it on the opposite side of the garage (to make it easy because it would be the driver’s side), it would have only bumped it up to around $500.

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