Tesla insurance

@mcarley and @Wintermute

In your opinion is this accurate?
The article has literally zero data other than social media complaints, and at least 3 paragraphs of just anti-Musk rhetoric.
Just wondering if either of you had used it.

I have it and used it for a windshield replacement. Kinda clunky and not easy to reach a person.

Price is good and I haven’t had a major claim, but in the Tesla FB I’m part of, the general consensus is they’re a pain in the ass to deal with.

Also, my credit union contacts me every six months demanding proof of insurance because Tesla doesn’t share the info with them like every other insurer.

Now that is just dumb.

Sounds like bad customer service is a Musk trait. I’ve read Starlink is a great service but god help you if you need customer service to work through an issue, literally impossible to get somebody on the phone.

Some companies are like that. Customer service horrible for the first few years while they get other parts going.

That is kind of the impression I get with this.
Tesla is trying to disrupt the insurance industry, but in order to do so they need someone familiar with industry regulations and norms.

It’s not available in Missouri.

I’ve heard the pricing is really good.

Car instance has become expensive as hell. I’m paying 371 for three cars. That seems insane. We both have solid driving records

And I am spending time with Comcast right now trying to resolve what should be a simple matter. They’ve been around awhile, maybe too long.


We went around and around with them until my wife renamed our wifi “last chance comcast”.
Needless to say, it is no longer named that.

Comcast…AKA Concast.

Cable companies got really bad when they were monopolies and haven’t improved much as far as I can tell.

Which is why Hulu, YouTube, etc are getting popular.
Cable is actually a better product, faster, easier to manipulate, etc., but I would rather deal with the different streaming services due to the shitty service of Comcast.

Unfortunately, we have very limited options. Their phone customer service and online FAQ assistance is generally worthless, almost anti-customer service, and I have been communicating online with a real person through their forum. That’s the only way I’ve able to get someone who can actually do anything. I told them today that Comcast may be one of Dante’s seven circles of hell.

Hulu’s technology sucks.

Try contacting the IRS…

100% agree.
Their guides sucks, their boot up sucks, the time between switching channels suck.
But given all of that, I still will not go back to legacy cable.

I’m pretty happy with YouTube TV, IMO it’s better than when I had cable, U-Verse or Direct TV.

As far as customer service goes I’ve found using the chat feature online is faster and just as good as talking to someone in another country.

On the rare occasion I have needed help, they have been very easy to deal with.

What pisses me off is you can’t delete recorded shows and it won’t keep your place in a recording for next time.

No thanks. We have an agreement, I don’t contact them and I don’t do things that might cause them to contact me.

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