Tesla clawback upgrades

I don’t really have an opinion, but this is really interesting to me.

Jailbreaking would be illegal.

Tesla has defended the practice of upgrades as people transfer them between cars. Not sure if that’s true or not but that would make sense why it wouldn’t follow the car.

If I understood the article, the original owner paid for an option, when ownership transfers, Tesla, claims the right to “kill” the option the original owner paid for. Makes no sense. Maybe I misunderstood.

There are many scenarios. One is the junk title. Those cars shouldn’t be on the road.

There are people who traded it in. Tesla normally resells then with no options. That’s fair. They own the car.

The other is the person buys another Tesla and transfers the license. The old owner still has the feature. The new owner doesn’t.

I don’t know all the scenarios but that’s the three I have heard.

This article centers on ‘junk’ title and cars owned and sold by Tesla. How is Tesla made aware of sales between private parties?

You have to switch the license. Your car is tied to an account.
When I use a super charger, it can read my car details and bill me automatically.

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