Teacher Unions anti vax

But pro mask mandate.

Most teachers don’t care about education. They care about their Job or brainwashing kids.

Where are Geeze and Mcarley to call them out and blame them for the recent uptick in Covid cases?

What surprises me is that the teachers unions who were complaining that in person
teaching was not safe because of covid are now refusing to take measures to make it safe!

I really suspect this is more about precedent than anything else. Teachers want to be back in the classroom, at least the majority do, and vaccine mandates are nothing new to them. But no union is going to take kindly to mandates from management without negotiation. On anything.

Teachers should not be allowed to unionize.

But citizens should take kindly to mandates from the government?

Let the parent’s and kids unionize.

I don’t hold teachers in high regard.

Growing up I had good teachers but my kid had awful teachers till we put her in private school.

Trying to push weird liberal crap on children should be a crime.

Then why didn’t they object to masks?
Or virtual?
Or hybrid?

Agreed, but the Unions quit representing teachers and student years ago.

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We should just close the schools for a year. Take an extra long summer break. In the mean time we should send all the teachers to the unemployment lines. When we reopen, we should do so with union free workforce.

A lot of that stuff was negotiated, quickly, under emergency conditions. Not everything makes the news.

Our unions are negotiating some of the return details right now. Sticky questions about who might get to work from home part of the time in the future.

I can promise you that isn’t true around here.

My kid was lucky most if his teachers were great, they put educating the kids first and cared about doing a good job. IMO great teachers should be paid very well and the others should find a different career.

Public sector unions should not be allowed period. The taxpayer who is footing the bill has no seat at the bargaining table, its public employees negotiating with public employees.

I don’t know if they still do but New York State had a law that prohibited public employees, which included teachers, from going on strike. According to that law, any public employee who went on strike would lose two days of pay for every day they were on strike. However, even though that law was on the books, I don’t think it was ever enforced.

In CA, it’s not illegal for them to go on strike, but there are several hoops they must jump through first, fact-finding, negotiations, etc.

The union has to justify their existence in another low performing government sector.

I have found teachers have become less focused on teaching and more about their pay, time off and the ability to push an agenda.