TBBT vs Young Sheldon

Which TV series do you like better - the original TBBT or the prequel for it Young Sheldon?

Both are unwatchable.
How they ever made it on the air amazes me.

I can watch old episodes of Big Bang, Young Sheldon is meh.

Young Sheldon was good when Sheldon was little, now that he’s older, taller, voice deeper, he is annoying. However I have gotten involved with the family as a whole. The grandma if my favorite character. It’s a real life family with problems that everyday people go through. I like Young Sheldon better than TBBT.

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@Sister - The grandma in Young Sheldon is also my favorite character. I also love the practical cleverness of his twin sister Missy.

The character Sheldon is annoying in both but I like the supporting cast in Young Sheldon much better than in TBBT. I think Sheldon’s character in TBBT theory would have been much more interesting if he was portrayed as a genius who is naive but likable instead of being a self centered narcissist.

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I’ve never seen YS, so IDK.

I never watched tbbt when it ran in prime time. I have watched it in reruns and think it was quite a well written show, sometimes incredibly well done. I have seen 2-3 YS episodes and just didn’t like it very much. FWIW, I think the tbbt episodes where Sheldon went home were some of the weakest on the show.

A few years back TBS was running it a few hours every night. It was funny most of the time but I got bored with it.

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