Taking Bridezilla to a whole new level

Dude needs to run and not stop until he is in another State!!

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Loved these two lines:

I want him to support me, even if we disagree on something.

Is my fiance’s lack of understanding and support a red flag?

Luckily, the columnist followed up with:

Your fiance’s job is not to support you regardless of how dumb your ideas are. That’s not how marriage works.

Let’s start with your request that all guests must wear yellow. I have yet to see a man’s yellow outfit that didn’t bring to mind a giant banana.


What’s the over / under on the length of their marriage? I’m going with 2 years.

I resemble that remark.

Literally what I wore to work today

I had to say the response back was accurate and hysterical

That dude needs to get the fuck out of that relationship now before he loses everything in the divorce.

Someone may be trolling the Columnist and she recognizes that with her somewhat funny response.

I’ve been to four weddings this year and they’ve all been fun with no goofy rules, they do seem to be getting more casual than 25 years ago.

That actually happened before, I think to this columnist. Then, when she appeared on the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast, they included the prank in one of their games.

you really give it that long?

For some reason, he’s with her in the first place.

I had not thought of that, but it definitely is possible.

And it can’t be a loud yellow. It has to be quiet.

I’ve been invited to weddings like this. I always decline.

I think if women like this were the only option for us heteros, id switch teams.

Shes basically looking for a simp, and maybe this dude is one. This woman doesnt know how it normally works, if you depend upon a man for shelter and food, you must keep him happy and adopt his ideals. I told my now adult daughter that she should make her own way in the world otherwise shell be putting up with some guys shit because she has to.

As for me, theres nothing less attractive than a woman that laughs at your shitty jokes because she has to. I dont want a rich gal, just someone who has their shit and money together.

I do think these people exist…theyve never been told NO in their life.