Surprised by the accuracy and fairness

When I look at an article from “The Root” I do with a giant level of skepticism since they view everything through a racial lens.

But this article is accurate and fair, and give credit to the organizations that are trying to address the problem.

This is the money line;

" Rick Best, a baseball coach whose son, Justin, is ranked as one of top high school middle outfielders in the country by Baseball Factory and Prep Baseball Report, pointed to two factors in the decline of African-American players in the majors: the cost of travel youth baseball and the rise in popularity of other sports."

Best part of articles on Yahoo news is reading the comments. Like this one…

Which is why I called this article fair, that is actually addressed in the body of the article.

That, and the Canadian roots of the sport, would also apply to hockey. Bringing a hockey player from pee-wees to even junior level (16-18) is very expensive and eats many, many hours and dollars of the parents.

I cannot even fathom that.
In retrospect I am so glad my daughter never wanted to play softball, and my son lost interest in baseball at 11.

My kid’s club volleyball wasn’t cheap. We played tournaments in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Omaha and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Club dues were about $2,000 per year. And if I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing,

Club swim was pretty pricey, but compared to baseball it was nothing.