Surging Myocarditis (due to Covid vaccine)

Expect at least one fake “fact” checker to assure you this is wrong…

The reports are real though, so why are we still jabbing?

I know a guy who was grounded for months due to covid vaccine reaction. Doctors thought he might never fly again.

I had a nasty reaction that i am still recovering from. I would still get the booster but there are some risk here.

No boosters for me.

With Omnicron you might have been the smart one

We knew early on that 30 and younger had an extremely low death total. Maybe we should have paid those people to intentionally get COVID at pox parties so that they’d have natural immunity and after quarantine thus have antibodies that made them less likely to spread the virus. If we had 500,000 dead by June 2020, I wonder if our ultimate death toll may have been a lot lower