Super Bowl Parade

Nothing says Super Bow Champions like Colt45!!

Did you go? I think some of my bike group rode down there. Mines in the shop so I didn’t even think about it.

I went to just the beginning,
Then came home and watched it on TV

I was looking at the SCOUT traffic cameras. When the Royals won the world series there is a shot of I35 at Cambridge…northbound was dead stopped and southbound was barren. Yesterday around 11 it was like a holiday…traffic both directions was sparse and running about 70. But they still had a helluve turnout

An extremely large quantity of alcohol consumed, yet I have heard of zero arrests.

This is the third “championship” parade here in the past 8 years and one thing we didn’t have in any of them - celebratory riots. That says a lot for the people in KC

This was kind of a cool picture. Side note - this street is our default return route for rides downtown or north of the river.