Stuck between 2 countries

This guy lost his citizen ship in New Zealand when he joined the US military. Now he can’t even get a drivers license after living here 30 years.

Here’s another case. This man has lived here 77 years, born in Canada but both his parents were US citizens. Apparently, it’s the real ID drivers licenses causing this problem. I wonder if Ted Cruz will lose his?

Somehow it isn’t a problem for millions of illegal immigrants.

These guys should walk up to the BP. They’ll get cell phones, free transportation to some big city, and a hotel room.

When I got my first driver’s license at 16, I used my mother’s family bible with my date of birth entered. I was married with 3 children, but my husband had to sign as my “legal guardian” giving me permission to get a license at 16.

These cases are of interest to me because as Steve says, it’s a poorly written law.

Illinois is going to start giving regular driver’s licenses to illegals.

I think the license they get are different. They can drive, get insurance, use it as ID to work, rent a place Etc.

These guys can’t do that because they are US citizens, or at least the 77 year old is for sure.

They should just to the DMV and say they’re illegal. They’ll get their driver’s license and probably a gift basket and free health care.

Which is why the guy in the 2nd video needs to contact his US Rep’s and/or US Senators’ office and get them involved ASAP. The guy in the 1st video has a problem because be made some incorrect assumptions along the way and they are now surfacing. Not sure if they can help, but he too needs to contact his politicos and get them going.


You want to repeal the real ID crap and the TSA along with it?

I’m down with that.


License is permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal.

Question! Is it illegal to travel on the right of way?
Answer! No, unless you are a SLAVE!

So why he need a license? Only needed if he wants to DRIVE, as defined in the Transportation Code. That is to transport people or goods for money. Truck or bus DRIVER.

Didn’t know that was the definition of a Driver did you?

I have seen enough sovereign citizens to know that you have a very mixed up view of the law