Stock market today

I’ve had friends say you should jump in because of the drop.

Personally I think the market is still over valued. I still invest but it’s the same i invest every paycheck.

I don’t think the market has dropped enough to justify extra investing

I put some extra money to work in January and I’m down in those stocks since. I’m neither panicking nor adding money, just staying pat.

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I’ve been investing bi-weekly since 1982.


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I’ll still invest monthly and await the ups and downs. Trying to time the market is a fool’s game.

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Yep, dollar cost averaging over a long period is the way to go for average investors.

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What you are doing is technically referred to as periodic investing at regular intervals. The result is dollar cost averaging but you won’t know what that average is until you take it off the table.

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I think there is a lot of room for the market to go down. Were going to get hit with a MASSIVE inflation number for the month of February. I suspect we will be 8%+. Oil prices are up up and up some more. The Russia/Ukraine mess is going to further cause turmoil in the global shipping of goods so continued supply chain issues. I suspect they are going to come in HOT with interest rates to try and tame the RUNAWAY inflation.

I did buy some of that DWAC several months ago. It is up about 50% since I bought in. I just didn’t have the balls to pony up more.

Exactly. That’s why I haven’t adjusted.

It will continue to drop until one day investors will go “What the fuck does Ukraine have to do with this stock”

A lot. If you don’t understand a global war might impact the stock market, I’m not sure what to say.

IT’s only a global war if we make it one. If we do, you will blame Biden for starting it. If he doesn’t, you will call him a pussy. You should sell then.

This conflict is more than regional, all of Europe is involved to some point. And if this is allowed to stand it’s going to change geopolitics for a generation or longer. Well surely put more troops into Poland and Germany.

I suspect the market will stabilize but this instability could go on for rest of year or longer.

It’s hard to say. When the buildup is this big and there is huge pressure, someone makes a mistake and next thing you know it is WW3. Things are going to move quickly in the next couple of weeks. Quickly good or quickly bad. Who knows.

It isn’t our choice. If the choice of many people.

What are you doing with your market holdings KC, you sitting tight or selling? (BTW we know you won’t answer. :grin:)

I believe KC is anti-stock market, he looks at it like it’s a casino. And that’s entirely fine, no judgement from me.

KC is sitting in cash until we get back to those 10% bonds during the Volcker era.

Nope…I’m in the market in supposedly “safe” investments and I’ve watched it decline more in 10 days than I’ve taken out over 3 years, But I will say that if I could find a bond or CD paying a paltry 7%, I’d pull everything out of the stock market and put it there. Sure…I might miss out on the ride up, but I’d also miss out on the market panic and corrections. And I ain’t gonna live forever, but at least I’d have a steady source of income until I die. And I’m lucky since I’ve got a pension, so I dont’ have to pull money from my IRA to live in retirement.

But isn’t it interesting - despite bond rates at 10% under Volker and despite mortgage rates of 15%, the country still grew…people still got wealthy…people still bought cars and homes. People still traveled. People bought boats and RV’s. But today, if interest rates go to 4% then there is an outcry that it is going to kill the real estate market. It didn’t back then though. My first mortgage was 11.5% and we built the house in a subdivision that continued to grow.

But there are posters here like bears who doesn’t remember when mortgages had a much higher rate and a retiree could live on interest income. Unfortunately, the economy seems to be geared to those people.

Todays gangbusters market was built on interest rate cuts. I think we might be about to pay the price for that.

iBonds are paying more than 7% at the moment so there you go. You shouldn’t be investing aggressively at this point in your life anyway.

People are still getting wealthy now. The % of 1st generation millionaires is very high. People are buying homes and cars and there is plenty of demand reflected by the high prices. I know you are clamoring for the days of double digit interest rates, but the Fed has gotten better over time at controlling liquidity in the market. I doubt we see rates near that high ever again…

I will be living on investment income when I retire in a few years. That will allow me to pass all of my assets to my kids so they can retire much earlier.

Stock market is showing a drop of 700 points now