Still not Belicheck

Seattle decides to go young.

I have said before that I would not hire Belichick, expecially with his demands for full control. His record as a GM over the past ten years leaves a lot to be desired, as does his record as coach since Brady left.

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Nothing against his resume, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Belichick not get one of the jobs. Why hire a 72YO who wants lots of control and might be overrated?


Vrabel didn’t get a job either.
That actually surprises me.

Are they all filled?

Ya, Washington just hired Dan Quinn

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Belichick not getting a job doesn’t surprise me. Vrabel kinda does.

On of you KC fans move to my neighborhood?


Why Vrabil didn’t get hired.

If the owner is intimidated because of Vrabel’s build, that’s a sign the owner is insecure and will be a nightmare to work with.

I think we can all agree that is a problem in the NFL

He might want to point out what a fine physical specimen that the coach of last years (and hopefully this years) Super Bowl winner is.