Staggering number

Put things in a mathematical perspective.
Our current National Debt is 125% of the GDP.
Historically, revenue runs about 18% of GDP.
So if we zeroed out spending, literally everything,
It would take 7 years just to pay off the Debt.

I’m starting to think the states should find the federal government. Seems odd the feds collect money to give to the states. Should be the other way around

Which is why we should have to have a balanced budget amendment.

The problem is only inflation or a default would need to occur to even have a Mack Planty plan work

I am 100% in agreement with that.
Determine what percentage of the GDP each state produces, then that is the percentage of the Federal budget they are responsible for funding.

IMO states should keep their money and only send what is needed to fund the things the federal government is responsible for like the military, foreign affairs, protecting the border and a few other things. States can take care of the things they currently send the federal government money for now and hope they get as much back.

Same for counties and towns, they should keep more of their money for the things they need and want. In Illinois towns send money to the state and the state decides where to use it.

I just find it odd that they federal government will send money back for cops or schools. Had the state just kept the money, they’d pay for it themselves. They save money without the middle man

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That’s how big government works, everyone has to get their cut.

In the 60s and 70s, the federal government began passing a lot of legislation that required the states to do something. Many states complained that they could not afford those obligations, so the feds started allocating funds to states to assist the states with paying for the requirements. Medicaid is one example.

When the Dept of Education was formed in 1980, the feds began funneling more money to the states for education. Whenever a state gets money from the feds, bureaucracies form to show compliance with all the regs and reporting that come with that money. So, school administrations got much larger without a corresponding increase in education quality.

This is true in many other aspects too.
When I worked in addiction, many of the places we contracted with had to jump through hoops to be eligible for Federal funding, and many of them just got really good at making sure their paperwork was straight, but not very good at the actual job they were supposed to be doing.
Full Employment Council is one of the worst.

The problem with this idea is that it will simply never happen. You would have to coordinate a massive nationwide voting campaign and somehow make most of the retarded voters in most states care about this enough to vote out the gerrymandered incumbent and in a person who cares about balancing the budget.

And good luck finding someone in most every jurisdiction in most every state who cares about this enough and wants to run.

You’d need way more than that anyway, bc amending the constitution requires more than passing laws does.

True. You need to have 2/3 of each House of Congress and 3/4 of the states to ratify but i also don’t know if a state can rescind its ratification. The alternative I believe is an Article V convention where states go around Congress.