Spotify syncing

So, I joined Spotify a couple of months ago. All going great, except…

The service seems to fail on a really basic task: syncing. I have a playlist of 300+ songs, all the recent stuff I’m currently listening to. One day, it just decided to take a few songs from an album near the bottom of that playlist and exchange them with songs from an album near the top. The change appears in my Android phone and my iPad, but not on my computer, where the playlist still shows in the order I designed. I can’t figure out how to get them all to sync up to the right version.

And, I thought I’d switch to Spotify as my new podcast app, but it fails on a really basic step. If I pause a podcast halfway through and want to go back to it later, it starts again from the beginning. This isn’t just an issue between devices; it loses its place even on the same device. This is such a basic thing for podcast tech, and has been a known issue (according to the forums), it’s weird that they haven’t fixed it. I’m thinking I may switch to another podcast app.

I will ask my son

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Can’t help on Spotify but I’m loving YouTube music. My girlfriend added me to her account and I canceled Sirius and apple music.

Pretty amazing the programmers of a premier app like this cannot, or will not, figure out how to fix such basic issues.

I do not like the Spotify app. I DL’d it only bc the Rogan podcast is exclusive there now, but I find it very clunky & messy. Not a pleasure to use.

Seeing signs that our current wave of tech revolution is at its peak. Companies do not seem hungry for consumer satisfaction anymore. That means competition is ebbing.

You see this with arrogant monopoly/oligopoly companies like Facebook, Twitter, & Google.

I think, and hope, that a crypto wave will play a role in breaking up these excessively comfortable & successful platforms by forcing decentralization.

I really like Spotify for music, but use Sticher for podcasts. I mostly listen to podcasts in the car and Sticher works better with Android Auto.

Bears are you an Apple or Android man? I will try Stitcher.

I’m Android, my wife and son are Apple weirdos. The thing I don’t like about Apple is you’re stuck with their devices. I can buy a very decent Android phone for $200, I’m guessing the cheapest new iPhone is over $600. I’ve got the money, but I’m cheap. :grin:

BTW I use the Sticher free app, it’s fine for the few podcasts I listen to.

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