Spectrum Internet and HP Printer/Scanner Question

OK, since the Clark Howard boards are down and their technology board is not available, I will ask away here.

Recently we switched from Frontier to Spectrum for our internet. The performance is way better and we could not be happier. However, I have run into issues with our older HP All-In-One and the wi-fi connection. As one example, sometimes when I try to print a document it works fine, but other times I get a message that the printer will not connect. As a second example, I can scan small documents fine, but for larger documents the connection gets lost mid-way. If I hook the All-In-One up directly with a LAN cable, it works fine. However, that is a bit inconvenient.

I did a bit of Googling and saw several articles saying that there are issues between Spectrum internet and HP wireless printers. I did see a few suggestions on how to get the printer to work, but I didn’t have any success. Plus, this All-In-One is near the end of the line anyways, so it may be time to replace it.

Does anybody know of any issues as I described above? If I need to get a new all-in-one, are there any suggestion on which ones work well with Spectrum as well as ones to avoid.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice. :smile:

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Is this a mesh network? or a network where you share a SID?

Often the answer is to change the CTS value to 2347

I had a Brother printer and Spectrum and ran into these issues constantly. Never quite figured it out and replaced it with a newer HP. I asked specifically at the store about the issue of wireless dropping and they recommended the HPOfficeJet 9015 one that I bought. I’m pretty happy with it so far.

Sorry, I’m not qualified to say what the cause was or whether there is a solution with your existing device.

Presumably you got a new modem/router when you changed your ISP. That seems like the most obvious place to troubleshoot since that’s what has changed on your network. If it’s an ISP provided cable modem you probably don’t have many options as to it being user configurable.

If you want to provide the make and model numbers of your router and printer I’ll look and see what I can find out.

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