Speaking of YouTube

What are some of your favorite channels?

Chuds BBQ- BBQ guy from Austin, good stuff.

Ding Productions- NFL highlights, biggest hits, best runs, etc.

Dr Kristie Ennis- Stretching and exercise.

Food Wishes- Best recipe channel.

Geography King- What it sounds like.

Noble Records- Cool record store owner from NC.

Project Farm- Tests tools, batteries, engine treatments, etc. Looks like a dork but knows his stuff and informative.

Simple Living Alaska- Off grid couple.

Steve Wallis- Canadian guy that stealth camps, another cool guy.

I would add, Lumber Capital Log Yard, A couple of teen age girls that run the saw at a family saw mill, as well as firewood and other things.

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Not bad

World According to Briggs

Eons PBS

Plain bagel

Making the Argument with Nick Freitas

I used to subscribe to him but I accidentally unsubscribed my last purge. I’ll have to add him back. Every few months I go through and thin the number of YouTubers I follow, they add up fast.

There are workout people I like watching & listening to. They help broker a ton of nuance and detail to amateur gym rats like myself. Favorite right now is Mike Israetel.

Another guy, Corey Wayne, does dating videos that teach men how to attract women by acting like real men, rather than modeling the unstable, insecure people that raised them (men and women alike). This is quite a breath of fresh air amid the endless emasculating bullshit all over the media these days.

Golf pros like Danny Maude that teach swing cues, drills, or advanced techniques.

Those are my bread & butter.

There is another Channel kind of similar to Briggs. The guy’s name is Nick Johnson.

Most women want to date a real man, they have enough female friends.

All women want to date real men, even the unstable psychopaths who pretend otherwise.

An unstable woman who says she wants a “nice guy” is lying, and especially lying to herself. She allowed herself to be hurt by careless men in the past by being naïve and failing to set boundaries.

She wants anything but a nice guy. She wants a man to lead her into an exciting, fulfilling life. If she acts like a bitch towards him, she is testing him to see if he will stand up to her.

That is partially how she validates whether he has the capability to stand up FOR her.


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