Speaking of Go Fund Me

A few years ago on Facebook a high school friends daughter had a Go Fund Me to raise money for a 2 month backpacking trip in Europe after graduating from college. She wrote a nice story and she seemed like a nice kid that had a plan to work and go to grad school, she was trying to raise $2,500 and ended up raising over twice that.

Another woman from my high school (I don’t remember her) saw the GFM and got the idea for her daughter to start one to raise money to move out of her house with her kids. What a train wreck, the young woman wanted money for rent, security deposit, furniture and living expenses for a few months because the babies daddy’s weren’t in the picture and she was unemployed. After some research it turns out the young woman had 2 DUI’s, was out drinking late several nights a week and had plenty of money for tattoos and manicures. People were brutal calling her out for having the nerve to ask others for help, it was pretty funny and I don’t think she raised $100. The woman’s mom went all Karen on the people calling out her daughter for being a bad mother, it was all good entertainment.

How did you get all that info?
Did the request show a picture with the tatoos?

When our Granddaughter was in College, she requested of Family and Friends for help on a Mission trip to Peru. How do you not help your Granddaughter???

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