Southwest Airlines just nickel-and-dimed some customers at the worst possible time

I usually fly Southwest when I travel and overall, have no problems with them. The only time I was a little pissed was last year when my sister was sick and I couldn’t buy a ticket until the day before. They offered the early bird seating, so I paid the $25 and got C40…next to the last person to board the plane. They already have stretched the number of people in the A and B groups…if the only group left was C, they shouldn’t offer “early bird”.

Unless you would have been bumped to standby

With kids, let mom board first and then let dad and the kids board last as they have trouble waiting

Family boarding doesn’t make sense other than to keep everyone together

Yeah, part of the issue is that SW has built their reputation in part on not nickel and diming, so when they start doing it, people will notice.

If you can’t do without WiFi on a domestic flight, drive it.


I turn my phone off and then back on when we land.

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Would have been smarter to keep the all day deal & increase the fee to $10. That’s a perfectly reasonable jump in light of recent inflation (SWA’s daily wifi charge has been $8 for well over a decade now).

Southwest has some unique and competitive ideas, insights, and practices, but some of the decisions the corporate leadership makes are shockingly stupid. Just stunning.

Recently or always? I haven’t used them much, but I mostly heard positive things about SW until maybe the last year or two.

They’ve always been far from perfect, but the dumbassery has gotten progressively worse over the years.

Still a lot of positives, as the OP article states.

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